Ok!! John Barorot was sacked from Safaricom in March though the official word was that he was one of the key managers who chose not to re-apply for their positions during the company’s realignment. Two months later, May 2011, he joined Airtel as the Network Director replacing Alec Mulonga from Zambia who was to handover by end of August. It seems like Alec might not be going anywhere or it is just a tricky affair. John Barorot’s resignation is expected to be complete within the next three months.

Key sources have given different reasons why Mr Barorot resigned. First there are those who believe that Mr Barorot might have had high hopes to think that there are any big enough projects worth his experience at Airtel. At Safaricom, Mr Barorot used to handle projects in billions of shillings and since Airtel has been outsourcing key services and projects which falls directly under the docket of Mr Barorot. This has left him just to be an overseer and not really an implementer of projects. Most of the call centre services at Bharti Airtel has been outsourced to Indian BPO company Spanco while IBM is handling most of the IT works in the continent. This leaves the position of the company’s Network Director more of an overseer with not much of decisions being made by key managers sitting somewhere in India.

The projects at Airtel are not big enough in funding to entice an Engineer of Barorot’s caliber. Others argue that the manegement style of the Indians behind Bharti Airtel differs very much with the Europeans whom Barorot used to run projects under at Safaricom.

A credible source has intimated to me that the Indians are at times not professional in their management and this is frustrating to the professionals who have worked elsewhere under different managers. The source talked of frustrations in making decision where when you follow a certain process, you might get a call from a key shareholder to stop working in a certain way.

The Bharti Airtel team is also said to have tried to use Barorot to kill the competiting spirit of the team at Safaricom without much success. Barorot is said to be one principled mens who won’t reveal any business secrets or indulge in such actions for money

Barorot is also said to have initiated and influenced various CSR projects by Safaricom in his home county. His move to resign is also linked to high political ambitions he has in Iten county’s governorship. Barorot is said to be very close to powerful Kalenjin politicians and media owners some of whom are behind the 3,100 acre Sergiot Golf and Wildlife Resort housing project in Eldoret. His influence in the Kalenjin politics are also growing with some analysts pointing that it was Barorot who was the key man in making sure that Mobitelea shareholders stayed a secret. His management of the Mobitelea affair earned him a cool sum even raising his financial profile with his wealth now being admired by even the most influential businessmen in the country.

John is one of the key personnel from Telkom Kenya who joined Safaricom during its inception in the late 90s and when thee Vodafone group came on board in May 2000, Barorot was retained both as a key Kenyan contact but also was used by the then ruling regime to acquire a stake in the new telecoms business under the nondescript Mobitelea umbrella.

UPDATE: Sources at Airtel intimate that most of the call centre staff under the Spanco group at Airtel are on a go-slow after they went on strike yesterday and tthe management just had to assure them of their position before they agreed to resume their duties although not fully. Key demand by the CC staff were that the Indian managers at Spanco should stop interfering in the daily duties of the local workers. The local workers think that they are being micromanaged and bullied by the Indian managers who doesn’t have the right experience for the market.

The Indian managers are said to be so overreaching that they sometimes hire fellow country men to come and do basic filing work at Airtel Kenya Call Centre. This has not gone down well with the Kenyans some whom have worked with the company since the Kencell days. Even key managers with how theey are being micro-managed

Barorot might have resigned from Bharti Airtel but this might not be the last time the public get to hear of himself. Why do you think John Barorot resigned? Give us your reasons by commenting below.

  • Delai Lama

    This Guy Mr JB used to sack people at Safaricom like shit  because of his influence ,he very  is merciless unless you are a kale he will easily sack you.Those smiles are haunting and never honest.He never knew The same measure you to others is the same measure you will receive.The guy is Damn corrupt he became a billion air within a twinkling of an eye.its very simple to know why he cannot work in Airtel their is no way for him to benefit from vendors,agents and contractors.he used to get over a million if you want safaricom to offer your company any contract under him,that’s is the only way of winning a tender pay him.Now we are atleast safe in Safaricom some of us where just worried because we were tergets in his list of people to sack.and to be replaced with his own

  • As John Barorot leaves Safaricom we who were under his tyrannical administrative authoritative management finally find peace.I tell you this guy sacked many people junior and senior.he never had feelings or bothered he is heartless and tribal.whoever he removed he replace with his tribesmen.  he is also corrupt thats why he almost brought Safaricom to its knees.he was too powerful for micheal because he was connected politically with politicians who directed micheal Joseph.that is why the issues of Mobotelea cannot be traced.now he looks like he wants to join Ruto in next ellection if such guys lead kenya will kenya have life really

    • Kipase2

      I don’t think this is true. This is pure hatred. Give names of the people sacked and the names of the replacements.

  • The post has nothing to do with tech…only politics and gossip

  • Faith T

    Ive just been thinking and the Indians cant be blamed or this South
    African’s or anyone else who is investing in the country or even stealing
    our islands on Lake Victoria – we just don’t have leadership in the
    country. The top has no head or tail….

    We just have to vote wisely in the next year’s elections. Its not about John Barorot,its about Kenya’s future generations. Would we becme slaves in our own country?

  • Mepukori

    Personally I admire this young CEO. He has a passion for his job and he really tried to push Airtel into the Kenyan market. I was almost acquiring an Airtel line ingawaje mimi ni safaricom damu. Off late there has been serious issues on our mama na baba safaricom service. Poor clarity, unsuccessful termination of calls, mteja wa nambari unyopiga hapatikani kwa sasa while the person you are calling is just next to you and with full signal on his handset. I actually did it practically after calling my driver severally and the guy was mteja mteja. Enraged with anger, I called my wife’s line and we were just sitting together and she was also mteja! I thought may be my phone was out of order. I called an Airtel and Orange line and they went through! Bob where are you?

  • Mepukori

    I tend to think there is just a bad trend in the way foreign investors handle the local employees when they acquire local companies. We have witnessed this in Orange Telkom Kenya where staff were retrenched massively and others sacked regardless of there academic qualification and experience and were replaced with people who did not have much managerial skills and who knew very little about the Kenyan market and the intrigues of the working environment and the result – Orange is still crawling five years down the line and no one knows when it will ever be on its feet! Other examples, Kenya railways……………name it. The gorvernment should look into the manner in which our local companies are acquired by these foreigners and come up with favorable policies that will ensure a smooth take over. The sacked/retrenched kenya citizens are now an economic burden. They cannot educate their children nor afford a decent life and yet these are professionals who have spend years in college learning various skills and now rendered jobless and the job market is not ready to absorb them, either because of their advanced age or employers shy from hiring them because of their experience with the fear that they will ask for big salaries! Ooops! It is a tragedy.

  • Ojeden

    John personllay sacked beatrice,amoko,omondi,gichoi,ndirangu and me