I have been wondering where Nation Media got this lousy content system. I thought that Nation could get to try some superior systems which are out there with modern functionality. So I decided to check deep into the source code of the CMS and see if I could trace what system it was. Voila! It is the Mauritius system by Coremedia.

The CMS lacks in many bits. It can not be well socialised. You can see how the social media bookmarking buttons comes out when they are added onto the CMS. For a media company like NMG, they need a better way of managing their content. Since what Nation has is just a copy paste of the newspaper content, I think the best system they have ever had was the one developed by 3Mice. You could get the right editions and view past articles with ease.

The same system is used on Monitor, Business Daily, Nation and The East African websites. I must tell you that it is complicated, boring and old. I think that Nation should have stuck with the iJoomla module they had first for Business Daily and maybe implemented the same on The East African. Daily Nation website needed something as powerful as Movable Type system or wordpress.

From rss parsing to the links from the article, the CMS just sucks. You need links which are Search Engine friendly which the Mauritius CMS thing from Coremedia does not have. NMG needs to look for s different CMS ASAP.

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