Safaricom has launched unlimited data bundles after getting lots of pressure from the clients. The problem is that the speeds will be limited to a maximum of 128Kbps. I don’t know when I last used the 128Kbps links but I assure you that there is noway I am going to use a 128 Kbps link with all these cables serving Kenya with up to 14Tbps links.

Even in 2006 I could not agree to use the 128Kbps link so there is noway I am going to use such low speeds. Safaricom should have limited the speeds at 512Kbps. We know that there are torrent freaks who would not waste a chance to hog down our unlimited connection with all manner of downloads.

So the announcement today has the following:

  • Safaricom per minute rates stand at Ksh 2
  • Unlimited Data rates at Ksh 1,000 for One week and Ksh 3,000 for one month unlimited throttled at 128Kbps
Data Bundle Cost in Shillings Bundle Allocations in MB
 100  50
 250  200
 499  500
 999  1,500
 1999  3,000
 2499  4,000
 3000  8,000

The above data bundles can be activated by sending the bundle cost to 450. e.g 1999 to 450. Other rates are the Ksh 5 for 5MB, Ksh 8 for 10MB and Ksh 20 for 25MB which can be activated through dialing *544#.

Getting to offer unlimited data plans is a great move by Safaricom but capping the speed so low is just encouraging. Even with just access to Facebook and Twitter, the current user is way past the 128 kbps rates. Cap the speeds at 512kbps.

Safaricom has basically been copy pasting the moves Virgin Mobile is making in USA. removing the limitation on data bundles but limiting the speeds to scare off those heavy data users who choke networks. Safaricom can not boast of having a good network when only a few thousand data users can choke its network. Have they not been investing on superior technologies?

The whole announcement can be downloaded from this link