LG Electronics (LG) is not letting anyone leave them behind in the new PC craze. The in this now is the all-in-one PC which features Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) display, found in its popular CINEMA 3D TVs. LG V300 is developed in partnership with Intel and was unveiled at Computex 2011, Asia’s largest IT exhibition, in Taipei.

Basically, this is a 3D PC. It packs the Intel’s Sandy Bridge Processor, In Plane Switch (IPS)  screen technology creating a 178 degrees viewing angle and triple camera for full multi-touch experience.

“The combination of the newest Intel Core processor and the FPR display in the LG V300 is going to create a new level of performance and viewing experience in a PC.With millions of homes now using their PCs as entertainment hubs, marrying the best from the computing world with the best from the display world was the next natural step in the evolution of the PC.” Says George Mudhune, Regional Marketing manager, LG Electronics, East and Central Africa.

The machine boasts a 23-inch 3D Full HD LED monitor offering vivid and crisp 3D images with less crosstalk and flicker. And because FPR does not require glasses to sync with an emitter, heavy shutter-type glasses are a thing of the past. LG V300 comes with two sets of lightweight polarized glasses for a more comfortable and enjoyable 3D experience.

The LG V300 also includes full support for Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) to enable sharing of data between devices as well as Intel’s Wireless Display, also known as ‘Wi-Di’ to wirelessly stream content to a TV.