Huawei has announced the availability of the Huawei IDEOS™ S7 Slim tablet in the Kenyan market. This comes  months after the introduction of its first tablet Huawei IDEOS™ S7 tablet. The company promised at the MWC in Barcelona to sell the tablet at below $300 globally though it is being sold in Kenya at Ksh 39,000 (approximately: $447).

The tablet boasts;

  • 7″ Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 3G + Wi-Fi
  • 8GB Internal storage but SD slot can handle up to 32GB memory.
  • Front Facing 1.3 Megapixel camera and rear facing 5 megapixel camera
  • 450g in weight.

Huawei says that they are aiming to globally ship up to 20 million smartphones this year which  increase on earlier sales targets of 12-15 million units in 2011. The company promised to also introduce 8-10 new smartphone models, with 80% being of entry- to mid-levels.

The almost $500 dollars price for the tablet might work against the tablet but it is still competetive also considering that the Shilling has lost a great deal against the green back in the recent past.

Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim Tablet Video;

Safaricom numbers might help push this tablet just the way it helped push the $100 IDEOS U8150 smartphone despite its very poor battery life. I also believe that Huawei might be making a very big mistake if they provide Safaricom with some exclusivity over the sale and distribution of these smartphones and tablets considering that Orange and Airtel have their 3G just waiting official launch and bundling with various promotions.

The Huawei IDEOS™ S7 Slim is now available in Safaricom shops, at a retail price of Kshs. 39, 999.

Dollar rates as per Oanda

  • there is a bigger need for tablets competition..for the same price..actually 499 dollars i got a 10 inch wireless  samsung tablet…with a good battery life and 16 GB….

  • Mwangi

    1) How do you compare this to the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, 2) do you have any clue when it will be coming to Kenya and 3) any idea how much it will cost?

  • Aziz Mongi

    I saw this baby when Huawei had an exhibition in Dar, at Kempinski, a couple of months ago! It’s the coolest thing since the iPhone. Word on the street is Airtel will start distributing Huawei mobile products, officially, in August! But that is just a rumour! LOL Let me make some change, Bob, ama gonna W-U the cash, ok?