Tanzania’s first un-conference happened yesterday in Dar-es-salaam’s Kilimanjaro Kempiski hotel. We were impressed by what we were seeing through the Twitter stream and the Livestream link. The likes of Luca of Bongo5, Kate, Gillsaint, Sajjo, Maxence De Melo of JF, Issa Michuzi and the guys behind Mikocheni report kept the interesting tweets coming through.You should also check out the team behind the event here.

We wish we were there but in Kenya we also had the AITEC Broadcast and Film Conference, Telkom Kenya’s big press conference after the board meeting and also the press conference on the Open data launch. You should check the blog posts by Mikocheni report. Pernnille B and the BarcampDar have photos in their blog and flickr page respectively. This is the first time developers, startup enthusiasts and prospective investors met in Tannzania.

The event was sponsored by Google.

Go Tanzania! Go!!