Eddy Njoroge has today been appointed the chairman of Telkom Kenya, Orange, board. Eddy is the incumbent Managing Director of Kengen (the country’s electricity generating company) as well as the chairman of Nairobi Stock Exchange. I asked Eddy what he thought he was bringing to the Telkom Kenya board considering the problems we have at NSE and in the electricity generation in the country.

He talked of his experience at the boards of other companies including Kengen, his strategic and corporate management and many other things. At this point I don’t think we should doubt Eddy’s abilities. I know that he might be valuable to Telkom Kenya but just that his many engagements might not be good to Telkom Kenya. The company is yet to break-even and it is looking at making profit in 2 years time.

Eddy was nominated by France Telecom-Orange. Michel Barre, Orange Vice-President for East Africa, led the board in congratulating Eddy Njoroge and giving reasons why the board saw it fit to appoint him to the position. Orange was looking to tap into the overall experience of Eddy in corporate governance. Eddy serves also in the boards of Stanbic Bank of Kenya, real Insurance Company (EA), and Proctor and Allan (EA).

Eddy is 57 years and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Makerere University.

What do you think of Eddy’s appointment on to Telkom Kenya’s board.