We met with the group behind the Tinga Tinga tales at the ongoing AITEC Africa’s Broadcast and Film Conference. We engaged them in a chat and we heard of their successes and tribulations in the industry. The funny bit was what challenges they were facing. They had to pay Citizen TV to show their animations.

Safaricom stepped in and covered the media cost. They are willing to do much including 3D animation but it is expensive for them. These are the people who should be getting government recognition and not some lazy drunkards lounging at iHub.

Watch the Video but forgive us for the poor sound quality;

  • Tinga Tinga Crew

    Thank you for visiting our stand and having a chat with us as well as featuring us on your website. Just wanted to set the record straight on a bit of a miscommunication regarding the deal between Safaricom Citizen and the Tinga Tinga Tales. Tinga Tinga Tales was created on commission by TigerAspect Productions of UK to be aired on satellite TV(bbc2 in the UK and Disney Playhouse in the US). The high cost of broadcasting rights demanded by the distribution company (Classic Media UK) for the animated series would have prevented any local Media Station from airing it. Thanks to Safaricom stepping in and sponsoring the series for air on Citizen TV, the Kenyan audience was able to view the locally produced TV series at the same time as the international audience.
    Kelvin Kimathi
    Homeboyz Animation Marketing