AITEC Africa Broadcast and Film Africa Conference has kicked off in Nairobi. The event is a very unique undertaking judging from the kind of exhibitions and presentations you get from it. The event features speakers from Europe, USA, Africa and Asia talking about social media, mobile media and TV broadacast.

With the impending changeover from analogue to digital in Africa and beyond, this event is impressing with representatives from the media, satellite services providers and equipment manufacturers exhibitioning or speaking in the 15 sessions running for the 2 days. The conference hosts 60 Kenyan and international speakers of repute experienced in film and broadcasting, production and commercialisation.

It was interesting talking to some of the digital animation developers who are struggling to make it but are not supported by Kenya ICT Board despite the government agency shouting loudest on how they are making great impact. Kenya ICT Board CEO, Paul Kukubo, was suppose to be at the event but he couldn’t make it because he was looking at Google launch digitalisation of the Kenyan parliament’s Hansard.

Another great focus will be the Kenyan cinema market. 2 investors have shutdown their establishments in the country in the last few months but 25 new cinemas are to be opened in Kenya. Nigerian company, cinemart, is said to be in the process of unveiling 12 cinemas in Kenya by September. They are also represented at the conference.

Parminda Vin outlined the commercial opportunities across both local and global film production; new film finance options; and the experience in the UK and India in co-production financing.

Intermedia, one of the world’s leading research consultancies will be launching their Africa’s office in Nairobi coinciding with the conference.

Commenting on the conference agenda, Sean Moroney who is the CEO of AITEC Africa said that they are targeting more than 300 delegates but with the first day’s experience, the number might reach 500 and beyond. The conference is meant to stimulate an already dynamic industry which is the media. The 2011 conference is the third in the annual calender event.

Oscar Beuttah, a media consultant, said that the event is meant to bring Africa to the top in communication and networking world. He added that the idea here is to put Africa at par with other parts of the world in Film and Broadcasting.

Lots of exhibitors impressed but of note were the BBC, DSTV, Pamoja FM, Ziki.Tv, Clyde broadcasting, Apes Animation, Tinga Tinga tales creators among others. The event is being held at the Oshwal Centre in Parklands, Nairobi.