If you have a smartphone, you will realise that the Safaricom app which you get on your sim card is a bit of a primitive one. It is the same one you have been having since 2007. And it is mostly an icon using the USSD to call for realtime service. The same can still be used in an iOS or Android app. The full-blown smartphone app will be such a great leap and we are not sure if it will be one app with many Safaricom services integrated on it or specifically for M-Pesa.

Credible sources within Safaricom though have it that the company might be unveiling the app soon. Corporates are suddenly taking interests in smartphones and tablets with many executives now brandishing cool smartphones and tablets. It is also now fairly common to see CEOs and senior managers Tweet and Facebook events live.

New of the apps development are still very sketchy but we hope to get more out soon. The source at Safaricom was very categorical that Nokia’s smartphone apps is not of interest to the company now but after seeing what the Finnish giant will do with Windows Phone 7, then the company will decide.