Airtel Looking to “Break Barriers” in Africa With New TV Ad Campaign

Airtel has launched a new TV commercial looking to break our many barriers and unites us in passion. The ad which will be on TVs around Africa features two kids with different languages and backgrounds starring at each other and speaking different languages while separated by artificial borders. Later the kids unite to play soccer together ignoring all the challenges.

The series of ads are themed “Breaking Barriers” and will run throughout the continent. Airtel says that the ad “tackle stereotypes and searches for unity in normal quality of lives and relationships”

“Breaking Barriers is more than just a television ad, it is a statement,” explains Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Africa. “The ad is a visual message that speaks to the innate disposition and longing to communicate without any hang ups that society places on us whilst showing the profound effects that communication can have on societies at large.”

You can get a glimpse of the advert here;

What do you think about the advert?


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