It is more than a year since when we had the first leaks of iPhone 4. Some emerged through blogs and others being left in restaurants. A prototype has surfaced on eBay. Bids have been going up so fast now standing at $999,999. The pictures from the gallery makes it look authentic though some differences with the retail version are evident.

The iPhone 4 prototype is way much similar to the one Gizmodo received last year. It is not one of those retail units and even the volume button has no “+” and “-” engraved on it. The face of the phone shows the number “DF1692″ engraved into it. ThisIsMyNext blog reports:

We’re also told that the “DF1692? you see etched on the lower right of the front and back is a unique code that makes sure Apple can keep track of what prototype belongs to which employee (so if you’re out there, DF1692, we’re sorry that your device is all over eBay).

Blogs got the leak of the auction from an iPhone Developer blog member on Twitter. It would be interesting what Apple will do since it is very much known to be ruthless in recovering its lost products, especially unreleased ones. They might just let this pass but still we will wait and see.