LG Unveils the “Flicker Free” Cinema 3D Smart TV in Kenya

LG Electronics (LG) yesterday announced the release of its CINEMA 3D TV of model LW5700 equipped with LG’s next generation CINEMA 3D technology. The new LG  TV claims to offer the first “flicker free” certified 3D picture. We loved donning the comfortable, lightweight glasses while testing it out at Laico Regency. It also features a brighter picture, Flexible Viewing Positions and Wide Viewing Angle best for watching 3D with groups of family or friends.

LG CINEMA 3D’s outstanding 3D features begins with a picture that is virtually crosstalk and flicker free. Via a polarized film on the screen, the set separates the picture into images aimed at either the left or right eye, which are then matched up through the CINEMA3D glasses. The glasses are specially designed to receive each image and don’t need to be shuttered, making the final 3D images extremely clear and smooth.

Intertek and TUV awarded LG’s CINEMA 3D TVs with “flicker free “certification, the first time in the industry.  The Smooth technology will see the new LG CINEMA 3D TVs practically eliminate the feelings of dizziness or eye fatigue that could occur with previous 3D TVs, meaning viewers can enjoy 3D content for longer and in greater comfort. The new LG CINEMA 3D glasses weigh just 16 grams and have no electrical parts, so they are free of electromagnetic waves and never need to be recharged.

Each LG CINEMA 3D TV comes with 4 3D glasses but a pack of another 10 glasses will cost you Ksh 2,000. The TV itself will retail at around Ksh 239,000 for 47″.

Another great feature of the TV is the LG’s 3D Light Boost, a thin film covering the CINEMA 3D panel that ensures 3D images are shown at full brightness. By counteracting any dimness that can sometimes occur with 3D content, 3D Light Boost creates brighter, clearer images for a superior 3D viewing experience.

Thanks to their Flexible Viewing Positions and Wide Viewing Angle, CINEMA 3DTVs are ideal for watching 3D with big groups of friends or family, while sitting or lying down in practically any spot in front of the TV.

And ensuring that viewers will never be short of 3D content to watch, LG’s CINEMA3D range packs a brand new 2D to 3D conversion function, which delivers top quality 3D on the fly. This will solve the problem of lack of 3D content but there are also claims that 2D to 3D conversions distorts pictures.

The LW5700 comes with a distinctive frame available in brown, purple or silver. In common with all LG’s top of the range 3D TVs, the LW5700 also packs Micro Pixel Control, which allows for more precise and efficient control of individual LED blocks behind the screen.

CINEMA 3D TV Specifications:

  • 3D TV (CINEMA 3D)
  • Flicker Free (Intertek / TÜV Certified)
  • Crosstalk Free
  • Light and Comfortable Glasses

3D Light Boost

  • Flexible Viewing Positions / Wide Viewing Angle

2D to 3D Conversion

  • Smart TV: Home Dashboard, Magic Motion Remote Control, Smart Share, Premium Content, LG Apps and Web Browser LED Plus Micro Pixel Control
  • TruMotion 200Hz (LW6500) / TruMotion 100Hz DLNA / Wi-Fi / DVR ready DivX Plus / HD
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • Clear Voice II
  • AV Mode II

At the Launch, Denis Oliech, the Captain of Harambee Stars, was presented with the TV he won as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) during the recent LG Cup.

LG unveiled this TV at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


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