Facebook seems to have hired the SONY playstation hacker, George Hotz. Apparently the teen has been at Facebook since May 9th, the iPhone Download Blog reports. Hotz gained the hotness through hacking the Apple’s carrier-locking scheme. He was the first one to crack the Apple’s iPhone network lock and share it online. In 2008, he released the first jailbreak for iPhone 3GS.

He recently documented to the public how to install third party apps onto the Playstation 3 or even emulate Playstation 2 on the newer model. SONY immediately announced an intention of firmware upgrade and Hotz responded by announcing his intention to create a custom firmware. He later released the firmware named 3.21OO and showed a video of it working with Playstation 3.

Sony later sued him but he responded by posting a video on Youtube singing about the “disaster” which is SONY. In April, Hotz and SONY settled the lawsuit out of court on the condition that Hotz would never again attempt to hack the Playstation. The Anonymous group of hackers hacked the Playstation network in late April claiming that it was in support of Hotz. He condemned the acts.

It is believed that SONY suffered $24 Billion damage as more than 77 Million usernames and passwords were released to the public.