This are getting bad. Rumours are out there that AccessKenya is in the the advanced stages of shutting down the Home portal. The portal has been run down by people not well conversant with content generation and monetizing portals. At its peak, the portal used to generate more than Ksh 1 Million in revenues. AccessKenya later disagreed with the consultants who were managing the portal under unclear circumstances.

Word is out there that it was the fee charged by the consultant which was the issue with AccessKenya seeing that the portal might generate enough revenue without the expensive consultancy fees the expert was charging. Things started to go downhill including traffic, revenue and content.

If Home goes down we might count it to be one of the most prominent Kenyan websites to go down. The traffic to the site used to rank second to in the Kenyan most visited sites ranking by Alexa. You remember we even got the 13.5 Million monthly hits stats? And it was listed as among the top 10 Kenyan most visited websites by Moses Kemibaro’s post (ranking from Alexa). Even one of the Edge Pullouts by Business Daily featured it prominently.

The portal launched on 18th February 2009 with much fanfare. It would be so sad to see go down. Now the only content remaining on the platform is the traffic cams. The web traffic has gone down almost 5 times its peak in January 2011.

  • Orangewed

    Pls stop using Alexa as a standard for measuring websites. its not accurate. 

    • We might hate Alexa but it is fairer than any other out there. Other independent ones cant have a comparison against other website unless you place their code deep into every website

  • The shrinking Tech giant has gone in to hire secretly a NEW COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER to clear its name,and probabaly boost investor confidence.its being done cautiosly away from the public eye.They have engaged, to get them this person and interviews are underway.Do you have the guts,go down to wood avenue court,wood avenue house,at the gate ask for the names of people who did the interview today from around ten and their numbers and get quotes.