Philips was in Nairobi today  as part of the Cape Town to Cairo road show 2011 which runs from May 12th to July 11th. This is the second such event and it covers 12 countries and 12,000 Kms. Philips is travelling throughout Africa to create awareness about healthcare and lighting solutions. Impressive stuff were shown including the solar lighting solutions, LED bulbs, babycare solutions and other hear systems.

During the roadshow, Philips will be engaging with governments, NGOs, media and the customers giving the real life experience stories and conducting product demos. Some of the innovation on Mother and Child Care, Women’s healthcare, energy efficient lighting solutions and healthy living products will be demoed.

According to statistics, some 1.6 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity and if you live on or near the equator it goes dark before 7.00pm all year round. This means that for many peopledarkness is key fact of life. Philips launched a solar powered LED flood lighting solution which will allow young people to play football at night. It harnesses the power of the sun.

Philips also came out to dispel the rumours about health effects due to exposure to Mercury in the Compact Fluorescent Lights. Tamor of Philips say that the amount of Mercury in the CFL is negligible and does not pose any health risk. The only precaution you need to take when handling broken fluorescent lights is that you need to put them in plastic bags and trash them well. LED bulbs contain no mercury and so they are safe.

You can check out the Philips Africa Road Show videos here and also visit to learn more. Check out the Flickr photostream here.