Supersport Cant Bwogo Gor Mahia and its Legion of Fans

So Multichoice decided to ban Gor from their screens. The South African neo-colonialism channel claims that it banned Gor Mahia matches because of the behaviour of the fans. That is the most stupid claim of the TV broadcaster that you can ever hear of. Which great football club fans are not passionate abou their team? Manchester, Barcelona, inter Milan, Ajax, Bayern or which one?

Why are Gor fans being purnished for being passionate about their team. It is foolish for Supersport to think that they are a kid of God that if they dont screen the Gor Matches then soon the team will loose fans, loose sponsors and die. Gor Mahia is not only a football club but a statement of lifestyle. Gor Mahia just like Simba of Tanzania, Asante Kotoko of Ghana, Tout Puissant Mazembe of DRC, Kaizer Chiefs of South Africa, or even the Manchester United of UK draw great inspiration from the fans.

Gor Mahia and AFC Leopard fans have been very consistent in going to watch all the club matches whether DSTV was showing the matches or not. In fact we would rather have the local broadcaster KBC show Gor Matches than DSTV because for DSTV to monopolise screening of local matches while 90% of the passionate fans cant afford a DSTV set is simply to kill the following. So the decision by Supersport President is a blessing in disguise to the football fans in Kenya who were locked out off viewing their favourite teams because some multi-national colonialist hungry for profit without passion was out to make a kill just ran mad.

Fuck Off Supersport. Gor Mahia fans should just cry for KBC to show their matches but nor mourn over the stupidity of Supersports management. And how many of their equipment have Gor Mahia fans destroyed? They have been protected by the same fans they are now purnishing. Gor Mahia fans just like the passionate Man U fans, knows whom to target in all their grievances. It is not some kind of rowdy free for all affair. They are not passionate for no cause. They have a uniting factor which is the club and mostly their main beefs comes with the coach, the referee or the players.

We agree that Kenyan government must look for ways off reigning in on the football hooliganism which is becoming more complex as the society matures. We now have Gor Mahia fans who will always foot their bills and travel with the team to wherever they go and sometimes when they are disappointed with the performance of the players, coach or referee, they will always want to vent. We must build modern stadia, create a modern sports police with proper crowd handling capacity and have a national database of sports criminals because they are now growing in number.

Don’t purnish Gor Mahia fans for no reason. Stop the stupid colonialism. You cant make money while you fear using money. Use money to make money SUPERSPORTS


Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (

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  1. you just bitter we cant accept unruly thugs on our screens its a big embarassment for a so called big team to behave such. Get out of the STONE AGE

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