Sakata is Unfair to the Young People and Promotes Greed and Hate

So Sakata has just ended. And it had to target the young people. So the last leg had these young men in 7 groups. I liked the energy and investment they took in putting together great attire, choreography and even time off their other assignment in school to compete in Sakata. Then the Royal media had just to award the Prize to one group and leave others with nothing. Damn!!

Why was this promotion being run? To exploit our young people. I hate seeing our brothers and sisters being used this much. I love the fact that the Royal Media gave them the chance and can talk of exposing them to greater opportunities but this market does not have such great opportunities for dancers. They are there but scarce and the few established dancers will bulldoze their way and be chosen because they win the loyality of the PR companies, advertisers and marketers than our green, young and talented brothers and sisters.

Previous Finals Show

Tell me the reason why Nokia gives free phones to some 20 or so layabouts who have nothing to show for the phones and immediately go and sell them while ignoring opportunities like Sakata where the kind of awareness and coverage they would get is just so huge. BTW many of the great software developers in various campuses around the country would easily know about Nokia’s opportunities if platforms like Sakata were used. But the problem is that Dorothy Ooko, Agatha Gikunda and Ken Oyolla targets very poorly attended awards shows whose TV coverage don’t go beyond 3 minutes.

We can also blame the companies just 50% of the time because the people behind such shows also always have attitudes. They will brag that they have the money and the facility to create and run such program but the problem comes in the message they send to young people when they give award to one group and give not even a consolation prize to any of the more than 40 or so groups which competed. The same winner-takes-all mentality is what brings us too much ethnic tension. Then us in the private sector promote it in Sakata. Are we being fair really?

Sakata is a great idea. The organisers need to widen their scope and give the young people morale. FBI deserved to win but the other dancers did not deserve to go empty handed. Let us not use the young men as tools for making money and grow TV ratings then we kick them off our sets like they don’t have a life. By the way why was there no public voting? Wyre, Sana and Judge Ian are not without mistakes. In fact there are instances when I thought they were so biased.

The last funny bit is that the young men who fought hard to be on Sakata many got nothing while Royal Media runs another Tazama chapaa competition where people sitting their ass at home and doing nothing but sending Ksh 30 bob SMSes win Ksh 500,000. What a fallacy.

Change this show for the better.


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  1. True story. Those teams put alot of time , work and dedication only for th winner to walk with th prize money, though deservedly. Even no2 and 3 shud have got somethin to encourage them 4 their efforts.

  2. like i care they knew the terms of the competition b4 they got in2 it infact the FBI who happens 2 b my neibas tried th 1st tym n left with nutin n dnt loose hope 2 try the 2nd tym so they shd do th same!!

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