Airtel and Orange have on many occasions promised to have their 3G connections live on many instances. But the promises seems to be delivered albeit late. Many users have detected Orange 3G around extelecoms, Parklands, Westlands, Kileleshwa, South B and Nakumatt Ngong road.

Sources at Airtel also confirms that most parts of Mombasa have 3G live. Nairobi’s CBD, Runda, Gigiri, Ngong Road, Ngummo, some areas of Buru Buru, Kileleshwa, Westlands, Hurlingham and Lavington have also the 3G network live. While the launch of Airtel 3G is expected in the next 3 months, ssources at Orange say it might launch by end of August.

Have you realised a change in your connection? Do you see Orange and Airtel launching their 3G connection anytime soon?

  • christiano kwena

    At first i was exited that the two companies have already launched their services. Now i pity Airtel because they will have to hit below the belt again to get users buying their modem and will end up having as usual very little ARPU

  • Now that is where Safaricom has whooped their asses! In less than a year we might have Video calling and 4G network access across Nairobi! And that means Safaricom will be the only provider who will provide 4G phones coupled with high speed tethering while they still saying that 4G networks are useless

  • Jjaneko4

    Something funny about Orange 3G launched on thursday. Sure the H icon denoting 3G is now on my phone and I have noticed much improved browsing speeds on my phone but I can’t stream audio/video sites like YouTube. What could be happening?

  • Can someone tell me if 3G speeds are available in Nyali at the moment and if so what the average speed is as i am planning on moving there soon and i do need a nice acceptable speed for my job. I appraciate if someone can give me some detailed info.