In 2009, eManamba launched and was prominently featured in the local media as a revolutionary solution to transport bookings in Kenya. We don’t know what happened after that. But on Monday, 13th June, the service launched again and now it has partnered with 3 buses to keep the service going. The buses already using the service are Mash, Auto Express and Kampala Coach.

The eManamba system is owned and operated by the logistics company, Sakura Sanmic Investments. Customers can make inquiries and reserve seats through their mobile phones with Zap, M-Pesa and Eazzy 24/7 accepted as the main payment methods. And to make this service widely understandable, the company has partnered with many cyber cafes throughout Kenya with the hope that there will be some revenue sharing from this. The service has been running on trial with Mash Buses offering to be the test transport company.

Watch the video below to learn more about eManamba