Scangroup Limited has moved to strengthen its digital marketing arm, Squad Digital, by recruiting an experienced Indian digital marketing guru to lead the agency. Mr. Gaurav Singh has been appointed as the new General Squad Digital. Gaurav is a technology expert who has spent over a decade managing and driving technology solutions both on client and agency side in India and Singapore.

Mr. Singh was recognised by Google as Winner of Google Googlies 2010 for innovative use of Search to drive Social Media Campaigns. Besides that, he was the lead on a couple of key initiatives at Standard Chartered Bank: Creator and Curator of Worlds Coolest Intern programme – a social recruitment platform to identify right talent through social media channels, Public website lead for global online sales platform and Mobile innovation; Breeze Living a native mobile application with augmented reality, location based offer/ coupon dispensing platform with social gaming at the core.

ScanGroup’s Squad Digital provides consultancy on all aspects of the digital marketing mix, including mobile marketing, digital advertising, online media buying, online reputation management, social media marketing, search engine optimization and marketing, and travel technology services. Gaurav has over 10 years’ experience having built world class skills including but not limited to a detailed understanding of online touch points:  Social Media, Search, Display, Email Marketing and running advertising business with a firm sight on metrics and ROI. Prior to joining, Digital Squad, Gaurav was the New Media Evangelist working for Global Remote and Internet Banking team at Standard Chartered Bank – Singapore where he was responsible for the public website and mobile initiatives for the bank on a global level. He has also held various positions with agencies (Rapp Singapore, Publicis Modem Singapore, Publicis India, and McCann Erickson New Delhi amongst others)

Follow Gaurav Singh also on Twitter @GauravTwits