The High Court yesterday stopped Information and Communication Minister, Samuel Poghisio, from gazetting the re-appointment of the CCK Director General, Charles Njoroge. That effectively means than Charles  Njoroge has no official confirmation as the CCK DG until when the order will be lifted or the case heard and determined.

We reported how Mr Ibrahim Athumani took the Minister to Court arguing that the re-appointment of Charles Njoroge as the DG at CCK was not properly done. Athumani wanted the the court to give advisory opinion regarding appointments for State jobs under Article 163 (6)  and article 232(2) of the new Constitution. Mr Athumani alleged that Minister Poghisio disregarded the mandatory requirement of him to seek the opinion of the state organs board in the renewal of the contract.

Njoroge performed 10% below the 70% pass mark point set by CCK to be re-appointed back to the board. Justice Daniel Musinga issued the court injunction on Thursday fearing that the minister may gazette Njoroge as DG CCK before the suit is heard on 14th June as scheduled. Njoroge is to be served the suit papers as the court orders will affect him.

Athumani wants the minister’s decision quashed.