Yu (Essar Kenya) has sued a data network provider (Kenya Data Network) for threatening to switch off its connectivity over Sh80 million debt dispute. Essar pleaded with Nairobi Commercial Court to prevent KDN from switching it off arguing that such an action will render thousands of Kenyans without communication services.

Yu, through its lawyer Julius Kemboy, says that KDN has threatened to terminate its services because of the dispute over billings and other alleged breaches. Yu has succeeded in getting a court injunction against KDN barring it from switching off transmission connectivity or interfering with Essars use of all other facilities and infrastructure until July 5, when the case will be heard with all parties present.

The order was issued by Commercial Court judge Muga Apondi also restrains any KDN employee from terminating or breaching obligations under the Masters Services agreement dated April 9, 2009.

KDN was contracted by Essar Kenya (yu) to provide it with its capacity bandwidth through its fibre infrastructure as well as supply, install, and commission base stations.