We knew that there was no way the AccessKenya was going to survive and the fact that we told the story bluntly made us marked men. Now I hear there is a marriage in the offing. Apparently KDN approached AccessKenya sometime back to see if they can work and help each other survive in the market. You remember KDN announcing last year that they were now going to be carrier of carriers? Yeah!

KDN has this great infrastructure which is being totally let down by that thing called Swift Global. There is not enough intelligent people and systems to market and man the customer care support. AccessKenya is on the other hand having great marketing and customer care desks with not much infrastructure and network to deliver the service. Instead of using the IPO money to build the network, they saw it as some loot which must be shipped out of Kenya immediately.

So when KDN approached AccessKenya, they praised the Lord . So [email protected] clients are set to benefit from higher speeds and better network after this move by KDN and AccessKenya. The two are set to announce the partnership tomorrow at AccessKenya HQs in Westlands. The move was suppose to be concluded after the return of Vincent Wangombe who is on leave. But the promotion where Safaricom announced that they are rolling out a home connection with speeds of upto 100 Mbps has made this idea be rushed through.

AccessKenya and KDN smelled death when Safaricom started running the promotion. And the fact that Wananchi group made an announcement of their intention to roll-out Zuku widely just scared the shit out of the sleeping giants. So KDN will provide AccessKenya with the connectivity to easily and widely connect [email protected] users. The info on pricing is not clear out there.

Lets see what will happen tomorrow. Tell us what you think it will be tomorrow.

UPDATE: AccessKenya and KDN have now cancelled the event saying that Jonathan Somen is away and so the event will be rescheduled for next week.