The Tanzanian Online Community Forum Giving the Government Sleepless Nights

When people say that in East Africa we still don’t have bloggers who make an impact, they are living in some hole. Blogging and citizen journalism in the region is making great headways. We have bloggers and community journalists who are forcing governments to rethink their every move. While in Kenya community forums are divided in party and ethnic affiliations and mostly you will find major part of communications in vernacular, in Tanzania they are united in purpose.

Jamii Forums is a community forum. Started in 2006 by Mike Mushi and Maxence Melo, the community forum has seen all. The two have had run-ins with the police as many times as you can imagine. It is the pressure from the likes of International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX)Committee to Protect Journalists, Protect Online and international press which has made a point to highlight the impact of the forum. Maxence and Mike have been forced to change houses, phone numbers and hide background details just to blind the state agents trailing them wherever they go.


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