We saw this coming. We must have people testing waters in all regards. I got some mail last week from someone alerting me of a suite against Safaricom in regards to Mobile Number Portability (MNP). The details of the suite could not be believed then because the guy could not avail the details. And today, we got a sneak preview of the civil suite details as shared.

Basicaly Safaricom has been sued by;

  1. Alex Gakuru – 0722 739 100
  2. Humphrey Atuti – 0713 636 735
  3. Brian Kimani – 0721 346 126
  4. Alice Njoki Muchira – 0750 712 420
  5. Joseph Mwangi Ngatia – 0725 586 177
  6. Mwaura Dennis Mbugua – 0723 459 526
  7. Jackson Enonda – 0729 085 071

The seven have sued Safaricom through M/S Njuguna Kiarie and Company Advocates in civil suit #170 of 2011 at the High Court filed on 16th May 2011. They allege that on diverse dates the plaintiffs decided to move out of Safaricom but their attempt were thwarted by what seems to be deliberate attempt of Safaricom to deny them a chance to move to other networks or after moving to the other networks, their services were terminated without Safaricom ensuring full porting of the numbers.

The seven, in the suit, says that their rights have been violated and they have suffered business loss and despite Safaricom being served with notice of suit, they were not able to rectify the situation. The seven wants Safaricom to implement Mobile Number Portability as per the CCK guidelines, pay the cost of the suit, compensate for business and personal damages incurred by the seven. It would be interesting to see how this suit ends but this will be a trend which might be followed by others aggrieved by corporate entities service the mass market.

I just hope that Alex and others are not acting as Kenya Internet Users which he says he chairs while nobody elected him to be the chair of such an organisation. His action in that regard might be viewed as opportunistic and fraudulent.

What do you think of this suite? Read the whole document of suite here.