Samsung is showing how popular the SMART TV is. Though still young and only with more than 550 Apps, the Apps Store today reached another milestone, according to a blog post. The apps in the store have seen downloads in excess of 5 million. You can access the app store from any of the available Samsung LED Smart TVs already even being sold in Nairobi (former SONY centre on Kimathi street opposite corner house).

The growth is encouraging since, according to Samsung, the store reached its first million in about 9 months, 11 months to reach 2 million and about 14 months to reach the 5 download million mark. The apps works in more than 120 countries and the most popular are the usual; YouTube, Google Maps, AccuWeather, Cave of Hades, Twitter, dynamic bowling etc.

Samsung also launched a 3D video-on-demand service couple of months back to allow users enjoy 3D content. More than 100,000 apps are downloaded every 4 days from the SMART TV app store.