David Kobia is not new to anyone who has known the Kenyan online community for long. He has run Mashada (one of the first online destinations frequented mostly by Kenyans) for the longest time you can imagine. Though Mashada’s stature kind of waned and only remained relevant to Kenyans in the diaspora, David later co-founded Ushahidi with others. Fast Company has listed David as one of the most creative individuals in business in 2011. The list has names like Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Oprah Winfrey(Oprah Network), Wadah Khanfar (Aljazeera), Tina Fey and Mikael Hed of Rovio.

It is not clear what criteria was used in compiling the list but the mention in a magazine in the stature of Fast Company will surely boost the profile of David Kobia.

David Kobia’s profile as as it appears on Fast Company

Check the full Fast Company list here.