Be ready Nairobi, another great event for the tech industry in Kenya. CISCO is bringing you the Expo 2011 to Nairobi. The event will see CISCO showcase various futuristic products like the unified computing system, telepresence, CISCO Webex, virtualization services and more.

The event is free to attend. Just come to KICC on the said dates.

  • Asuntah Waikunu

    Great event! I would like to attend

  • Asuntah Waikunu

    Great event! I would like to attend

  • Omuony

    Cisco has always been great. It would be great to see what the greates networking company has in store. I definitely want to attend

  • Bukusij

     yes please, would like to learn more

  • having missed out on the samsung one…i would love to attend this event..kudos for keeping us informed

  • David N

    Would not want to miss this. 

  • Michael Nenga

    I can’t wait to get to this day, please notify me in good time, I have to attend this.

  • Jefferkm14

    thanks guys for such comments such as the upcoming xpos

  • yeah would like to attend this one

  • Shirokessy

    I want I want I want to attend!!!!

  • Ochiengmike

    id love to attend

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  • Olili Michael

    Want to attend CISCO Expo Kenya 2011. Online url not responding. [email protected] . Thank you in advance.

    • just come to KICC tomorrow. It is absolutely free

  • Qinyanjui Edgar

    i’d love to attend.i just hope i won’t be too tied up

  • The event is free for all to attend.