Huawei has today announced that the IDEOS U8150 is the fastest selling smartphone in the table. The phone which was launched in kenya through a partnership with Safaricom in Januari now controls 45% of the Kenyan smartphone consumer market. More than 60,000 units of the IDEOS have been sold and Safaricom and Huawei are impressed. The sales in February were 73% better than the January sales in Kenya. The research on Kenyan smartphone market was done by GFK Retail and Technology, one of the leading independent market research tracking sales data in technical consumer goods.

The phone is available in black, yellow, blue and purple and runs on Android 2.2 OS. The IDEOS U8150 has been going at Ksh 8,500 , a discount of Ksh 6,500 on the Original price of Ksh 15,000. The phone is sold bundled together with Ksh 1,000 worth of airtime and 600MB data. The apps for the IDEOS can be run off the SD card. The performance of the IDEOS in the market has so impressed that the Chinese company is planning to launch a varied array of Smartphones and Tablets in the Kenyan market.

At the IDEOS event today, we say the Huawei IDEOS X3, X5 and S7 Slim Tablets. Safaricom’s head of Retail Sales, Morris Maina intimated that there have been complaints of the high price of the IDEOS S7 Tablet and they will make sure that they see how to adjust it to the market needs. We also asked the Huawei management if they plan to work with the local developers to make applications optimised for the handsets and they revealed that within one month, they will be launching such an initiative.

What do you think of the IDEOS smartphone? Leave you comment below.

  • Larrycarlkeya

     i simply love this phone…….

  • Kabugaj2002

    No smart phone compares to ideos at that price. However we need a solution to its battery life.

    • Modiz

       You have to control a few setting for the battery to last longer
      1. Disable 3G. EDGE still works best on this phone  2. Disable WiFi when not in use 3. Disable GPS  in location and security setting.
      4.Disable any app that will automatically reveal your location as these apps periodically scan your location using either the wireless network, GPS or WiFi and this consumes battery.

      With these set the battery life will be longer. THanks

  • Jackson Matata

    Since the Chinese phone makers entered their products into the market, the phone prices dropped drastically and now am happy that most Kenyans can afford a smartphone at a low price.  Thankx Safaricom for partnering with HUAWEI.

  • Byron Busisa

    the Huawei Ideos is one of the most Unique gadjets i have ever owned!! All those features for such a reasonable price!! thanks Safaricom and Huawei for developing such a product!!! 🙂