Nokia has announced that it’s moving away from the Ovi name to the more recognisable Nokia name instead. None of the services is terminating only the names are changing. It is purely a re-branding move. OVI services like Maps, Messaging, Music, Store and Life Tools services will continue to be available to consumers all over the world. The re-branding means thaat Ovi Maps will become Nokia Maps, and the likes of Ovi Chat and Ovi Mail to also follow the same naming structure.

The re-branding to Nokia will begin in July 2011 but will only be expected to be fully complete by the end of 2012. The changes will be applied on your phone through updates. It is very hard to update such large apps like the ones running on Symbian Anna but by the end of 2011, you will see the changes rolling out.

This move was unavoidable considering the marriage between Nokia and Microsoft. All devices released in July and August this year will have Nokia name as the dominant name in all the services.