After the last two month’s aggressive promotion of the new post-pay tariffs by SafaricomAirtel Kenya is not being left behind. The company has launched a new post pay package in the local market that will see customers sign up for only Kshs500/- per month. Safaricom has been doing promotion for the post-pay 1,000 and 2,500 which see clients subscribe at Ksh 1,000 and Ksh 2,500 respectively. Orange later reduced their postpaid tarrifs with offnet calls at Ksh 3 and on-net at Ksh 1. The Airtel Kenya new post pay tariff is called Postpaid Timam and subscribers to the service will be entitled to 200 free minutes for local calls and 10 free SMS every month.

Customers needs only to produce an identity card for registration and thereafter start enjoying flexible credit limits starting from Kshs500 upwards to the desired individual credit limits. Airtel Kenya CEO, Mr. Rene Meza added that airtel will continue to make mobile communications available and affordable for all people across Kenya and also give them the freedom to achieve their goals, even in the most remote areas which are at present disconnected from the world.

The postpaid services allows customers to maintain a telephone account and makes calls billed at the end of the month after usage hence they do not encounter any limitations on volume of service used within their agreed credit limits thereby eliminating the use top-ups as you go.