Okoa Jahazi is the Safaricom credit system which allows the subscribers to get credits in case they run out of air-time. The company has now made some changes to the Okoa Jahazi system with some improvements on loaning and again the restriction on who can borrow and how many times.

Before today, you could borrow Ksh 45 and be charged a fee of ksh 5. That made it Ksh 50. You also had to recharge your account at-least once in the last 24 hours to be able to borrow. Some of the improvements Safaricom has made to the system are as follows;

  • You can now Okoa Jahazi in the units of Ksh 10, 20, 50, 100.
  • With the borrowed air-time, you can now browse the net, make local calls and send SMS to any local network.
  • You now have to be a Safaricom subscriber for at-least six months to start enjoying this facility.
  • The service is available now to any subscriber who qualifies and as long as they have cleared the last bill.

You still will just need to dial *131# to get the service but now you choose how much you want. I don’t know what the service fee for the lower denominations are but I will check out and update.┬áCheck out the advert Safaricom put out in today’s papers below.