KICTANET Loosers and Half-Baked Journalism at Standard Media

So I had the misfortune of being in the position of Uhuru Kenyatta when the Standard Group through half-baked journalism, mentioned how he had lost Ksh 840 Million at JKIA after arriving from the Hague. Then, I defended the Standard Group when I believed that the police was harassing their journalists in the investigations of the story.

Then today, I get a tweet that I have been featured in some report in the Standard. I get someone to get for me a copy of the Standard and what I get is some write-up by James ratemo quoting some report done by KICTANET which is a mailing list run by Alice Munyua and some other people. It is full of the pot-bellied no-nothing group of bureaucrats who always find it hard to deal with me because I don’t have time for them and never will and will always show light to their plundering ways.

So I call James Ratemo to ask him about the report he so authoritatively quote in his report in the Standard. Ratemo tells me that he never read the report and much of what he “wrote” were sent to him by a Fred Obura. I ask him why he engages in such kind of journalism? he keeps mum then I ask him what if today I decided to write that James Ratemo is a child rapist who was featured many times in BidiiAfrika articles and since I was only a moderator, I am a target, would that be fair? Ratemo was dumbfounded and quiet for long. I asked him to think about it.

Then I call Alice Munyua who is the head of KICTANET as a founder and key moderator. I asked her about the report which journalists are writing about without reading. I then tell her that the Standard article comes out like they were interviewing her. She acted a fool and claimed innocence and even said that she doesn’t head KICTANET. She say how KICTANET has no head and she only calls meetings. Then I asks her how she calls meeting without being the head. She couldnt answer that. Then I tell her that she must know that she was appointed to the CCK board without proper qualification.

That was something which I raised with PS Ndemo many times through the KICTANET list and she took it badly when I raised it. My strong opposition to illegal ways of doing things and questioning most of the things which couldn’t be questioned made me a marked man. I would not be incorporated into the philandering of public resources. She then said she would hung up. Before hanging up, I told her that if she wants to get into guerrilla journalism and fights, I would love to engage her in those.

Bidii Afrika was a forum which was open and I was never even setting the agenda. We got threats even from the offices of Martha Karua and William Ruto because of what was being discussed. Whenever someone like Martha Karua would call me, they would be arrogant and threatening. My dawa ya moto is moto. You be arrogant, I would be arrogant too. People like Donald Kipkorir would confess to you that I am very brutal in my arrogance after we had an online spat. He bragged how has even been Moi advocate. I showed him my arrogant side and he has never recovered from the slap on the face.

Standard media is engaging in stupid kind of journalism. They don’t have facts and would really love to see their paper sells. They are desperate for numbers and so they would even quote non-existent or reports they have not even read. My point is to tell it as it is. Nothing will make me not tell it as it is. Online, offline, in a cave or on Tora Bora mountains, I would tell it as it is. You don’t like it, go hang. Alice Munyua should deal with her inadequacies and not blame them on me. WTF!

We will continue holding light onto what public officials and people with public life are doing. They don’t like that, let them go into some cave after resigning from public life. We wont be cowed into ass licking and kissery.

UPDATE: I have just talked to a Mr Mokaya who edits the Standard and he tells me that he also don’t think that the article was fair to me. He though promises to raise it with Fred Obura who wrote it. Apparently James Ratemo didn’t write it and only his name was used.


Written by Robert

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