There are shopping addicts like me. I will see a unique computer or accessory or even a book and wont hesitate to ship it to Kenya without much thought over the cost. I also grab opportunities to buy things online and then bring them to Kenya and sell. WeyaHse is one online shop run by Ben Weya. He brings in computers, phones and other electronics to Kenya and sell them at very throwaway prices.

Shops like Kalahari came with much hype there has been a problem that it has turned out to be very exploitative to shop on Kalahari. Why should Kalahari buy iPad Ones in SA at an equivalent of Ksh 40,000 and bring them to Kenya and sell them at a starting price of Ksh 109,000? That is exploitation there. But we know the story of the South Africans. When we will revolt and ditch their shop, they will say Kenyans hate South Africans. We hate people who exploit us whether they are our MPs, are from Trinidad and Tobago or even from Mongolia. We just don’t tolerate crooks.

So let me tell you something, you can shop on Amazon, Expansys, Ecost, Ebay or any other shop in UK and US and ship the product to Kenya and other East African countries through DHL in 4 working days flat. That is courtesy of Bordelinx and DHL Kenya. And the charges are very reasonable. You also know that computers are zero rated (you don’t pay tax on imports).

The Steps involved

  1. You need to go to and set up an account. You will be issued with a US and UK address.
  2. Before buying anything, Bordelinx has a unique calculator which is based on type, weight and value of what you need to buy. Calculate your cost on Bordelink before buying anything.
  3. Substract the total cost of the product on your online shop e.g. Amazon from the calculated at Borderlinx.
  4. You will just now need to go to your favourite onine shop and buy your product and choose your Borderlinx granted address as the main shipping address. Since Borderlinx has your valuable, you will need to pay for their services at your designated DHL offices when collecting your delivery.

The Borderlinx has also their own intergrated shops which connects to Amazon for your convenience. The site is also secure. Try it and tell me your experience.


IMG Via Flickr