The fight throught the media, CCK and social media between Safaricom and Airtel Kenya is getting dirty. The issues here might be real or not real but as long as we dont get a chance to be in the technical know, we might never get to know the real truth. The fight has gotten dirty now that Kenyans have been given the freedom to move from one network to another without loosing their original number including the prefix.

The mobile network honchos have been sending all media houses full communciations between the CCK, Airtel and Safaricom. But the issues seems not to be close to being resolved. Today, Airtel has listed issues it is having with Safaricom over the MNP. All press releases to media houses now funnily calls Safaricom, “Vodafone Owned”.

Airtel says that Safaricom has slowed down the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) implementation by erecting numerous sabotaging of over 6,500 dissatisfied customers who with to migrate migrate from their network. In a letter addressed to Communications Commission of Kenya, CCK, Director General Mr. Charles Njoroge, the company says Safaricom is now stopping to deliver messages sent by clients wishing to port to Airtel to 1501.

Mr. Meza wants Safaricom punished for the “underhand tactics” saying that failure to do that will make customers not experience the anticipated freedom. “We initially thought that this was due to a simple and isolated case affecting a few customers, following which we launched an investigation and went to the extent of buying Safaricom SIM cards which we have taken through the process over the last 48 hrs with no success with a similar result,” he said.

Rene calls the continued violation of agreed process by Safaricom “retrogressive, anti-competitive and against the law”. He says that the client is not properly informed and failure to fully port to Airtel is blamed on Airtel’s “ineffectiveness”. Customers wishing to change operators are required to fill in a porting request form, send an sms to 1501, to initiate the process then pay a one -off fee of Ksh 200, a fee that airtel has waived for customers choosing to join its network.

  • Kenfish

    these look like local bullies, can’t Airtel accept they can’t get customers by bullying? If customers don’t like Safaricom, why do they continue buying Safaricom SIM cards at KSh. 50 while Airtel’s retails at KSh. 10 or 20 (with airtime included)? Why are they buying and porting Safaricom SIM cards? Airtel is undertaking an illegal activity and should be investigated urgently otherwise the gains made in the industry will be eroded!

    • KB Owen

      This is juvenile reasoning. What is the meaning and essence of porting? I could have bought a safaricom line 5 yrs ago and i no longer need their services but still want my number! Airtel has a strong case against safaricom. Hope CCK will get to the bottom of the issue and punish offenders. If u cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • The ever whining CEO award.

  • guys you seriously need to consider hiring an editor or replacing the one you currently have. the quality of your writing is poor and needs an urgent overhaul for an otherwise very good website.

  • Damahdnk

    i have always wondered y airtel is urging guys to port,a company that goes thru metamophosis after every other year cannot be trusted,cant they leave pple to port out of their own will