There are many mistakes and evils we have to endure while looking for service from the cellphone services operators. The companies. some using the excuse of low charges now to torture us with executive arrogance and inaction must be told off. I get irritated when people expect me not to complain just because they are used to shida from the operators.

I have come with some problems which I think can be solved by the operators getting their acts together. And they are;

Watchmen as Customer Care Reps

This is very common and though I have experienced it at Airtel and Safaricom outlets, I have complained before and continue to complain but I am told that Orange shops now practice it more than anyone else. You get into a shop to look for service and approach someone wearing the uniform of the company (Orange, Airtel or Safaricom).

To rid the problem they think is you and avoid solving your problem, they send you to a watchman to sort your problem out. Or you simply get the watchman taking charge of the shop like Safaricom I&M where there are many attendants but you still get watchmen and female guard getting behind counters to listen to me while I should only contact watchmen when I have a security problem.

Promotions Galore

This is the evil which I didn’t know was this widespread but I am getting a problem with it in Airtel. I joined Airtel recently and has had issues and they have not been solved. But a bigger problem I discovered is the fact that from Friday to Monday, I have got like 17 promotional SMSes from Airtel and they are not relevant or helpful to me. Seriously Airtel, wake up and stop bombarding me with the promotions even if the service nothing.

Registration of SIM Cards held By Others

Today, an Airtel employee who called to listen to me and not solve my problem, Mr Natembea, told me that they have had problems with Airtel dealers who registers SIM cards which are already out for sale. What happens is that anyone who wants a particular line goes to Airtel shop or dealer and he is issued with the number without the company checking that the same number has been issued for SALE and so cannot be issued to another person without a recall of the already issued SIM card. This is fraud by Airtel because all the dealers and retailers who have to issue numbers must go through Airtel Customer care reps.

This is Airtel stealing from its own dealers and retailers because they are not refunded the money. I bought Airtel line, 0737 944 375, and it is iissued to a Mr Paul who still also have it. The same thing happens in Safaricom where when your line goes dormant, it is issued to a new client in a period of time as small as within 3 months. I know a guy who went to Sudan to look for deals and he came back and found that his line has been issued to someone else. My own uncle has had his line issued to another person.

Customer Care Representative Who are Trained to be Rude

Now this is an area where Orange Kenya leads. I have a CDMA line for 3G+ service and when I have a problem, I call customer care and insist that the call must be recorded so that in case we have a problem, we can pursue with Orange management. The people manning the call centre will tell you that it is being recorded even when they are not ready to record because of their character. The second thing I insist on is that A customer care rep identify himself or herself with full names so that transparency can be observed.

Many Orange customer care reps wont tell you their names and you would end up with a very useless response to your problem and no way to pursue it because you would, in most cases, be left with one name like “James”. But a good number of people tells me that it is as a result of the management tolerating it.

Unlawful Deduction of Airtime

This is common in operators and they most of the time try to use it to correct their books. I have been told by sources in Safaricom and Airtel that the operators have in many instances deducted Ksh 2 – Ksh 100 from various lines depending on how much they load into their phones. If an operator was to deduct Ksh 50 from 1 Million subscribers. What would happen? 50 Million shillings without much sweat.

Another type of deduction is where we have premium services operators lure clients into promotions. It always happen that you contribute to a charity like Redcross and then after a few months, the premium service operator will put you into a different list and you get money deducted from your account for services which you didn’t request.

Do you know of any evil we might have forgotten or ignored, leave in the comment below.

  • Jaffarmoha26

    There is something else that deserves Ocampo’s attention. Every blog post from techmtaa has serious grammar issues. It may not be important but seriously it’s too much to escape notice and leads me away from the gist of the post!!

    • CliffOmondi

      Boss, you look so idle that you will concentrate on non-issues and not even bring your senses to indulge audiences in real issues. I wonder which blog you write for and I guess none because those who claim to own the highest holy mountain are always found to be the dumbest.

      You are like a “shags modo” who travel outside the country for the first time then what he marvels at are the accents of and laughing style of the foreigners and not the message they communicate.

      If you were real, you would have linked us to some of your writings. Otherwise, this post raises valid points to me.

      • Cliff, don’t waste your time. That is Chris Orwa. Idle and he has not even a single full line of correct Grammar to claim. He is addicted to the blog. Only that for him to get work and handouts, he has to criticise Techmtaa because the blog has not had much kind words for his masters. Just don’t bother!!

  • Af_oak


    Ryt on Bwana Editor!! I’ve been DYING to rant on this issue. AIRTEL! Yaani no matter how much I understand that CC are human, LAKINI aishhhhhh! These guys are THE most arrogant, hard-headed mortal beings to pick up a phone!!! Walala! I have received sooooo damn much bullsh*** from these guys even for the smallest request for assistance, moved back to Safaricom… SIHAMI NG’O!!

    So hio mambo ya woiye woiye for ’em is unwarranted. Call a spade a spade, Airtel CC are the worst of them all! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used all the others:

    Orange – Though at times asking silly ‘procedural’ questions, they honestly try hard

    Safaricom – Hata kama they get bashing, but being brutally honest, beside the difficulty in getting through, Saf has exceptional CC reps. Be honest guys

    Yu – Ma-blondie ni wengi though they are patient enough to repeat severally on even basic, simple issues plus they polite

    Airtel – ’nuff said (Sihami na sihami)

  • man

    I find Orange customer care reps helpful, especially the ladies who have sweet voices. I almost got addicted to calling them just to listen to their voices. In fact, Orange called me back two times on my Safaricom line to confirm that my problem has been sorted out. I think that was very caring of them, compared to Safaricom.

    If you want to get anything out of customer care, remember they are also human- please be polite, patient and also understand their situation. They are lowly paid and handle thousands of calls a day. They are not exactly techies- they are simple customer care reporting to technical guys who may be far away from the call centre and maybe there is much bureaucracy involved. But if you are also a rude customer, expect a rude response.

    I give Orange and Yu customer care marks