First, don’t be jealous. It was arms length but I can assure you that Amileena is such a darling. Ok! Back to blogging and stopping to have dreams and building castles in the air. I had a chance to meet to Amileena Mwenesi and Steve Nyabwa who were some of the top contestants in the Tusker Project Season 4. I grabbed them, put them down and demanded to know their views about social media and entertainment in Kenya and how they were finding it.

I found the duo easy to talk to and they were very much honest. Twitter is still not their thing and they have not started to advertise and look for engagement through Facebook where they have a presence. BTW. Amileena and Steve are managed under the Stamina (Steve and Amileena) brand.

The Video

What do you think of the opinions of Amileena and Steve on Twitter and Facebook?