Ivory Coast is going through a lot. The country is a crisis of leadership for the last 4 months. There are massive killings and looting and the International Criminal Court has said that it is launching formal investigations into allegations of crimes against humanity.

For the population to get help and information, they need communication. It is in this regard that Orange Ivory Coast has given its clients in the country free calls for one month.

The other incentives in the offer are;

  1. Mobile customers, a bonus of 2,000 francs CFA valid for 1 month for all calls to Orange numbers.
  2. Clients on fixed, 1 week of free communication for all their national calls to a landline number and another number to an Orange mobile
  3. Internet Clients, free Internet access for 1 week.


It is a commendable move by Orange Côte d’Ivoire to provide support to all their customers to help them stay connected with loved ones during this difficult time