In all the work, we must also remember to do some CSR. We can do it in a creative way. There is an event at Nailab on Friday, 8th April. The event will start at 10am and end at 6pm East African time. The event is dubbed “Eight Hour Action” and runs on a theme of  “Haba na Haba” which in English means “bit by bit”. The target is to raise 1000 Euro (Ksh. 100,000) through social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and mobile donations like Zap and Mpesa.

The target project is called Less Is More and is based in Githurai, a suburb of Nairobi. The charity trains its members on local waste management projects (cutting plastic waste and reselling it) for the people of Githurai. The raised funds will go towards training the members in business, education, awareness and communications. For more information about the project, click on

What is the Action Plan for The Fundraising Event?

In the spirit of the swahili saying, haba-na-haba hujaza kibaba (Little by Little Fills the Pot), the organisers are looking to engage people to donate their 1% which could be as little as Ksh 50. The organisers looks to set the amount which can be donated as low as possible with the hope of seeing like 2,000 people donate Ksh 50 rather than one person donate Ksh 100,000.

How to Donate via Mobile payment (MPesa and ZAP)


• Go to MPesa menu

• Choose Paybill and enter the business number 502800

• Enter account no: “haba na haba”

• Enter the amount and press send


• Go to me2u

• Then money

• Enter nickname “ZEEDUKA”

• Enter your PIN and the reference “haba na haba”

• Enter the amount you desire to donate and press send

How do you know that your Contribution has been registered?

You will get a notification text from Zeeduka Limited for account haba na haba. Received donations will be updated hourly on our Facebook and twitter profiles.

To join our Facebook page for updates, click 1%CLUB page and also follow us on Twitter. The twitter Hashtag for the event will be #1pcHabaNaHaba. The organisers will post photos of the activities and stream videos (through livestream and also upload them). List of contributors will be updated hourly on the page.

Who do I contact?

Stephen Musyoka

0720 65 96 75


[email protected]

Sebastian Wafula

[email protected]

John Oballa

0725 89 78 40

[email protected]


twitter: @1percentclub

Email: [email protected]