The Kenya ICT Board PASHA Project is progressing. The institution is now shortlisting for 47 applicants among the 689 who made the applications. The 47 will get their funds by mid 2011 according to Kenya ICT Board. Each county will have one applicant selected.  We hear that most applications were submitted on the last day.

I really doubt if all counties made submissions but lets give Kenya ICT Board benefit of doubt. It is also sad to note that only 25% of the applicants were women. This is where I ask, are women waiting to be spoonfed? Can’t they take such opportunities seriously. I know 3 applicants from my estate who are women. I wish they could all be given a chance.

According to Kenya ICT Board, the board will be working with network operators to ensure all qualifying centres have access to reliable internet connectivity. Pasha Centres are meant to be able to offer services such as operator retail offers, e-learning, selling of accessories, faxing, internet access, etc, from within the PASHA Centres.

Evaluations of the applications received will be done by 11th of April 2011 and successful loan applicants announced shortly thereafter. Kenya ICT Board looks to create a Pasha centre in every constituency, likely by end 2011.

The Pasha project falls under the Kenya ICT Board’s digital inclusion pillar which aims to increase access to ICTs by citizens across Kenya. It complements the other Kenya ICT Board agenda to stimulate job and wealth creation in ICT through entrepreneurship and is in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030.