After the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 launch, I chose to walk all over the CBD looking at the new things in town. I got many. I saw many SLRs, many Tabs and also lots and lots of phones. But what did catch my eyes was the price different of various iPad versions in shops not more than 50 Metres from each other.

I drew up the table below.

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Versions
  16GB 32GB 64Gb
Ebrahims Ksh 67,000 Ksh 77,000 Ksh 87,000
Fone Xpress Ksh 72,000 N / A Ksh 91,000
Universal Gift Centre N/A Ksh 76,000 Ksh 85,000

If you think that you can do with some used ones, try Sarit Centre noticeboard for some deals. If you didn’t get a nice deal, mail tech @ for more info.