Manpower is a major player in global workforce solutions, and Microsoft, is the world’s leading producer of software and software development systems. The two companies have announced that they are developing joint programs to help young people across the globe to win in the world of work and seize early opportunities for entrepreneurship.

“The rising rates of unemployment among young people are deeply disturbing, and this generation is at risk of becoming the new long-term unemployed,” said David Arkless , Manpower Inc. President of Corporate and Government Affairs. “Corporations have a moral obligation to foster innovation among young people, not just from a social responsibility standpoint, but because in the Human Age, it will be the source of that innovation, passion and creativity — human potential itself — that will be the catalyst for change and the global driving force economically, politically and socially.”

Under  the Memorandum of Understanding, the two companies’ cooperation activities will begin in the Middle East and Africa which have the highest rates of youth unemployment.  Microsoft and Manpower are working with other partners to develop a training curriculum for young entrepreneurs that include leading-edge technical, organizational, and business development skills.  In addition, they will participate jointly in training, mentoring, career guidance, work-preparation, job-linkage, and entrepreneurship projects for youth, first in the region and then across the globe.

“Microsoft is working to turn our technology expertise into an engine that drives global progress,” said Sharif Khan ,Human Resources Director Microsoft Middle East and Africa.  “By broadening access to technology and entrepreneurial skills, we can unlock the potential of individuals and communities and find solutions to some of today’s most pressing societal challenges.  Now, the synergies between Microsoft’s technology offerings and Manpower’s world of work expertise will let us create even richer and more powerful programs for young people that help channel their energy into productive economic activity.”