You might be preparing to travel soon with your laptop. You need to know some of the stuff which if you pack will lead to comfort in working on your laptop, security of your laptop or simplify the work you are doing on your laptop. So we have got a few accessories which we think every traveler should pack. We list them and why you need to park them below.


You need those wireless optical or simply a good optical mouse which fights into your hand well. You don’t need a very small Mouse when you have these large hands. That will definitely lead to Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).

Mini USB Cable

Many of the current smartphones, flash drives, cameras, webcams or even your internet dongle will need this cable. Most dongle break when you connect them directly to the USB ports. The best way is always to use a USB extension. My smartphone charges through this cable also when connected on the USB port.

Flash / Mobile Drive

You will need to backup some of very important files in a drive and keep it away from your PC. You do this to avoid loosing files when your laptop is stolen or destroyed. Do not store all your files in your laptop without a proper backup. Make sure you have a backup of your project files in your pocket or attached to your key holder.

TV Tuner

You will need to catch up with some of your favorite programs and news from the local TV station. You can get very portable TV tuner the size of a flash drive from electronics shops like Ebrahims, Micro-City, Complete Solutions, Text Book Centre or Office Mart.

Kensington Lock

This will deter any thief who will want to get away with your laptop while you are attending that great conference or meeting. Always lock your PC to your Desk or seat or window. When I drive around town, I put my laptop in the boot (trunk) and lock the laptop to the body of the car using this lock. I advise you to use the key operated lock instead of the code operated one. Codes are easy to crack.

Emergency DVD / CD

You will need to pack your Windows restore CD / DVD. Many laptops come with restore CD or CD-less restore. Even if you have a restore partition on your Windows 7, always use your laptop prompts to create some restore CD/DVD.

Important Documents

When you need to prove ownership of your laptop, you will need to have the serial number, receipt or warranty card on the ready. Some venues for meetings wont allow you to leave with a laptop which you wont prove ownership of. Also when you catch someone trying to get away with your laptop, you will need to prove ownership. Make sure you carry the above documents.

Ethernet Cable

You will need a two or one and half cable of ethernet to connect your laptop to a port in case the Wi-Fi becomes too slow or is not available. Always carry one just in case.


You need to pack some of these if you go beyond checking your mail or writing reports on your laptop. I had the misfortune of working with a boss who loved to watch videos on his laptop. One day we were travelling and he received these forwarded mails by some staff member and when he opened the file, it was one crazy sex video which made lots of noise and embarrassed him so much in the waiting lounge. Always carry a headphone with your laptop.

Cleaning Kit

You should get your laptop out of the not so brightly lit office or home and that is when you will realise how dusty your laptop is. Always carry a cleaning kit with you. Office Mart which is next to 680 Hotel in Nairobi sells some very good ones.

Do you know any other accessory we miss which you think we should pack while travelling with our laptop?