AccessKenya yesterday launched its maiden retail store at Westgate shopping Mall in Wetlands in a strong response to clients demanding experience of products and services before purchases. The store is linked to  the AccessKenya metro fibre which clocks 10Mbps dedicated. As a corporate you might be able to get the speeds when you buy the connection.

The maximum speeds for the retail clients is still 1Mbps. The store will also be a selling point of AccessKenya products and services. AccessKenya though seems to be ignoring retail clients who are the greates buyers of internet services now. I wonder why the shop was not set up in town or we have one in Eastlands where majority of the city dwellers live.

At the shop I did have a chance to experience fast speeds, online games streaming and even watched live TV.

The company has also reportedly entered into service agreements with Barclays Bank, Housing Finance and AoN Minet so that clients subscribing or buying respective companies products and services get subsidised rates of AccessKenya products and services. Those who are mortgaging houses from Housing Finance will be able to save an average of between Ksh 200 and Ksh 500 on AccessKenya services. And clients who are with AccessKenya link might enjoy insurance cover of between Ksh 500,000 and Ksh 1Million from AoN Minet.

What do you think of the new move by AccessKenya?