A Kenyan blogger who is currently working in Rwanda had a rare opportunity to tweet the President of Rwanda and actually end up to meet him. Savvy Kenya is just your ordinary blogging girl. She is working with Art of Conservation in Musanze Town. The oganisation has been rehabilitating Ibirunga Tennis Court for the community kids.

The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, who happens to be on Twitter, was scheduled to pass by later on the 4th day of March 2011. Savvy Kenya thought of inviting the President to stop and wave to the kids and pick a T-Shirt if he happens to pass by. She sent this tweet;

And within 30 minutes, according to the blogger, President Kagame did tweet back and confirm that he would be passing by. Check the tweet;

Later in the evening the blogger tells of the call from police commisioner, the arrival of the elite Presidential guards and military people, the cordoning of the entire neighbourhood, the unwanted intervention by the rain and eventually the meeting with the President of Rwanda.


This is one great move by the President and will sure win him much support among the techno savvy youth.

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