Airtel Kenya has today entered into a partnership with Kenya Data Networks (KDN). The 5 year deal will see KDN upgrade Airtel’s local transmission network in readiness for the launch of its third generation 3G HSPA network. KDN will also inter-link airtel sites through its countrywide fibre optic network.

But Airtel Kenya is having problems keeping up with the promise to deliver the 3G service to its clients by the end of first quarter of 2011. The company is now talking of delivering the service by the end of 2nd quarter of the same year.

KDN Chief Executive Officer Mr. Rikus Matthyser and Airtel Kenya CEO Rene Meza attended the function.

Will Airtel ever deliver a 3G network ?

  • Af_oak

    I’m one of the silent ‘blog-fans’ of TechMtaa and I must say, you have outdone yourself! Like the new look, fresh, clean and easy to navigate & Load. Kudos!!

    • Thanks alot. We appreciate your support

    • Thanks alot. We appreciate your support

  • nbiwott

    They have done nothing of the sort by last week of April 2011. Typical lies by Zain or Airtel. They have not even updated the public on their inability to meet their promises.