The social media is growing in influence in Africa and one of the fastest growing group of users are Kenyans. They mostly frequent Facebook but some who at least got some swag now thinks that they should be on Twitter or Twirra as the swaggaristic ones would demand that we pronounce it.

The KenyansOnTwitter or KenyansOnTwirra are very lovely, jealous and protective of their own. Some of the people who have dared cross their path including Ben Parr and even me will attest to the fact that the amount of hate you will get when you dare talk bad about the country Kenya or display your ignorance in public is just unimaginable.

They are also a very creative bunch. You will see from the many trending topics like #ActualExperts, #MuliroGardens, #KhalwalesNewCareer, #tonyMOGexcuses, #kcpe2010 , #rutosplaylist, to many others we cant remember. Kenyans are one sure funny lot.

BBC One is now showing a Documentary by Comic Relief. The documentary was shot in Kibera and featured  4 celebrities. The documentary titled “‘Famous, Rich and in the slums” (Download HostpotShield to watch it from Kenya) is what Dr Bitange Ndemo calls the typical Kibera tourist story. We have turned the slum into a tourist attractions and the people responsible would not like to see a change in it since iit is earning them lots of fundings through their NGOs.

So Trey Songz (as a celeb) might have been alerted and was watching the documentary then he just happened to send out two tweets;



Then #KenyansOnTwitter exploded. Now the whole trending topic in Kenyan tweetosphere is all @TreySongz. I am just thinking out loudly and sympathising with him now. But you can realise that many even attack without getting the background of the problem. You realised that from the Ben Parr who was wrongfully attached for an article which was just satirised and taken out of context.

Social Media is like Muthurua Market, you get all kinds of people there. And you might just get lynched wrongly just like you might get imprisoned wrongly.