You have now been in twitter long enough or you just joined recently. If you are new, it might not be so hard for you to get to know these info but for those of us who have thousands of followers and have tens of thousands of tweets, you might want to know many of your firsts. Here are some great tools to help you in the journey.

1. TwitterStorm: Do you want to know your First Tweet

TwitterStorm is such a great but so simple Twitter application which will enable any twitter user to find out what his/her first tweet was. If you have over 22,000 tweets, you might be curious to know what your first tweet might have been. You just need to enter your twitter handle, e.g @techmtaa and there you will get it.

2. Use FirstFollower to find our who was your first Twitter Follower

Just as the name goes, FirstFollower will inform you who actaully followed you first. You can even tweet the info and appreciate the follower if he or she is still following.

3. When Did You Join  Twitter?

You might be so interested in knowing when you joined twitter. Why not try WhenDidYouJoinTwitter and brag about it after an achievement oor just to reminisce.

4. First Person You Followed

You already know who your FirstFollower is and now this is a tool to let you know the first person you followed on Twitter. You might just want to try and use this great and neat tool.