Profesor Munyaradzi Gwisai is a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe’s law school. He has gotten into trouble with the Zimbabwean police all for the wrong reasons. I mean, he didnt do anything universally wrong. He was caught showing internet videos about the North African revolt to some of his students and civic society activists.

Security officers burst into his office and seized lots of stuff including DVDs, Projector, laptops and also arrested hist 45 friends among them students and activists. The 45 have been charged with Treason and risks life in prison just for watching viral video. Munyaaradzi has been tortured. This he revealed at his initial hearing.

Under Robert Mugabe, the act of watching viral videos in Zimbabwe can be a capital offense if the security officers so decides since there is no law specific to this. The viral videos being watched included some from BBC World News and Al-Jazeera  and were downloaded from Kubatana, a Zimbabweans activists website .

Munyaradzi is expected in court with his 45 other co-accused on Monday. Meanwhile their friends and colleagues have set up a Facebook page calling for their release.